Hair Fetish Straighteners

I spy with my little eye…. A sexy new hair brand on the market that you all are going to LOVE…. 

Hair Fetish - a line of brilliantly designed hair straighteners by a group of stylists who gathered together with the same vision. They succeeded in meeting beauty with functionality.

The Hedonist collection of straighteners is made by professionals, for professionals, yet is user friendly for amateurs alike. High functionality and quality is equalled in style. They come in 5 different colours, with a sleek, modern design that’s easy to hold and work with. I personally love the fire opal, as I have an obsession with anything rose-gold. It has gold shimmer with more of a coral base and is oh so cute. 

Their plates are made of Japanese tourmaline.  They heat up super quickly with a little twist in the temperature gauge, ranging from 140-450 F. There’s a little green light that will indicate it heating up - once it turns off and only the red light is lit, you’re good to go. The exterior surrounding the plates gets fairly hot, so you won’t want to touch this area while you’re working. This heat is great for curled styles, as you can just give the hair a twist around the curved edges of the straightener and it’ll distribute heat very evenly and give a beautiful shape to the hair.  The tips of the straighteners come to a nice point, which is cool enough to grip while you’re working which may be helpful for certain styles.

One pass with this straightener added SO MUCH SHINE and silkiness to my hair.  I love that their cord is long enough to make it easy to have freedom to move when working with clients, or myself. It has a 360 swivel to ensure it doesn’t twist and tangle on itself.

The mini straightener is PERFECT for on the go, traveling, getting those little detailed areas in harder-to-reach places, for shorter hair or creating tighter curls. It heats up quickly to 400F with the touch of the little power button inside. It comes with a cute little travel pouch.

Their social media has STYLE, and as a makeup artist, I get a lot of inspiration from their photos. They have a great twist on classic throwbacks/medieval paintings and modern vibes - like throwing in hair colour or inspired makeup on a woman in a medieval dress. Check out their instagram @yourhairfetish and facebook

They run for $175, or $75 for the mini, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.  That is so unique in the beauty industry, and as a professional artist so encouraging that we can literally pay a one time fee and be backed for our whole career on the one straightener; unlike every other beauty product that will run out, shut down, or expire. 

Go check out their website for to learn more, make a purchase or register your existing purchase for warranty.